Our contribution to those in need – ET Friends

Travel and help the world

Travelling, with education and respect, benefits locals in various Evolution Travel destinations, so we would like to offer our thanks to the more than 150,000 Evolution Travel customers. Today we ask ourselves if we could be doing something more, and if we put in a little effort, we can make a difference!

We certainly think so and that is why in this department, Evolution Travel Friends, we are unveiling the projects we are supporting that your trips with us have made possible!


Si ma bô

Si ma bô è un’espressione creola che significa “come te“. E’ una ONG per la cura e la protezione degli animali e dell’ambiente con sede a Mindelo, nell’isola di Sao Vicente, Capo Verde. Evolution Travel con Laura Lombardi riservano una parte del proprio utile, per ogni viaggiatore diretto a Capo Verde, per sostenere il progetto.