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Would you like to receive more information about one of our deals or make a reservation? Have you already chosen your trip but not sure about what payment methods we accept? Below you will find useful information about:

how to request information
how to book
payment conditions


All information requests are non-binding.
Your reservation is confirmed only after the payment has been received.
Please note that all requests are not handled by a computer, but by a real person who will dedicate their time to finding you the best solution, trying to match your needs to the best quality/price ratio on the market.
First of all, choose an offer among the hundreds of packages, flights, hotels and themed trips available on the website; if you do not find what you are looking for, you can contact us by email at the address listed on the website.
Please read carefully all the details of the offer, the information on the cost and the validity periods.
Submit your information request, it is quite simple and fast: all you need to do is to fill in correctly the form present in each offer sheet. This way, you will receive further information about the deal and proceed with the reservation.

After sending a request for information, you will be contacted via email or telephone based on your preferences, to customize the quote to your specific needs and to make the booking effective. The details of the offer as agreed with the Promoter and the payment methods will then be sent to you via email.

Upon receipt of the balance, you will receive the travel documents which are sent via email, generally in the week before departure. For last minute offers, travel documents are sent from a maximum of 3 days to a minimum of 1 day before departure.

To make the payment and therefore confirm your reservation, you can choose from the following payment methods:

a) Sepa Instant bank transfer
The bank transfer made with the Sepa Instant circuit to the coordinates shown below arrives in real time and allows for immediate confirmation of the booking.
If the bank does not support this function, ask at the counter or personally carry out the payment from home banking on these coordinates, choosing the Sepa method: the credit will still arrive in a short time.
The copy of the bank transfer must be sent by email to the trusted advisor.

Beneficiary: Evolution Travel Ltd
IBAN: LT593740020000001181
Circuit: Sepa Instant
Bank: UAB ConnectPay

b) Sepa bank transfer
The bank transfer made with the ordinary Sepa circuit to the coordinates shown below takes a few days to be credited. This type of bank transfer is recommended for the balance payments of already confirmed reservations, as it is accounted for only upon actual receipt on the account. For Sepa Instant transfers, do not use this account, as it is not authorized to receive.
The Sepa circuit is a European and not a foreign circuit, be careful that it is not performed through the Swift circuit (foreign) because it will not be received. When requesting the transaction at the bank counter, it is recommended that the Sepa circuit be used. If it is done personally from home banking, also in this case choose the Sepa item.
The copy of the bank transfer must be sent by email to the trusted advisor.

Beneficiary: Evolution Travel Ltd
IBAN: MT85PYMX09014000000927620100001
Circuit: SEPA
Bank: Finance Incorporated Ltd

Beneficiary: Evolution Travel Ltd
IBAN: LT413110090453312110
Circuit: SEPA
Bank: UAB Maneuver LT

c) Credit cards
If you have chosen to pay by Mastercard, Visa, American Express, China UnionPay, Discover & Diners and Japan Credit Bureau credit card, you will receive from your trusted promoter a link to a secure server integrated with SSL3 and SHTTP technology to make absolute protection for your transaction, ensuring maximum data security and immediate booking confirmation.
Evolution Travel uses the most advanced technology in terms of safety:

– Secure servers integrated with SSL3 (Secure Socket Layer) and SHTTP (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol) technology, two protocols that allow the encrypted exchange of information and guarantee the privacy of communications on the Internet.

-The most recent and advanced technologies allow communication in order to prevent intrusions, tampering and forgery, by means of encrypted information coding and ensuring that internet transactions remain private and carried out in absolute protection and security.

d) Cryptocurrencies
If, on the other hand, you wish to pay with one of the following cryptocurrencies, you will find the specific instructions below:

BTC – Bitcoins

BTC wallet address: 17ikrjkwjtAEPw4Vs9rYxm6x588j74vPSZ

ETH – Ethereum

ETH wallet address: 0x495A51071c2D5f1a350E0A4b223bf08a3feD5793

DASH – Dash

DASH wallet address: XgMAEaWd6WuM1zNJYwPnVgvb32pGqLqRds

For any other information, contact your trusted promoter who will be happy to help you!

Have a good trip with Evolution Travel!