Secure payments and secure data

How to book your trip

Booking your trip with Evolution Travel is extremely easy and completely secure.
After having sent an information request, the online travel advisor to whom you have been assigned will contact you, by email or by telephone based upon your chosen preference, to personalize your quote and proceed with the booking if the offer is right for you.

You will then receive an email with details of the offer that has been agreed with your travel advisor and the relevant methods of payment.
Once we have received the payment balance, you will receive the travel documents that are sent via email or first class post, generally on the Tuesday before your departure.

For last minute offers, the travel documents are sent a maximum of 3 days and a minimum of 1 day before your departure.
To make the payment and therefore secure your booking you can choose between the following methods of payment:

  • Payment by CREDIT CARD

If you have chosen payment by Credit Card, you will receive a link to a Secure Server from your trusted promotor to make your payment in complete security.

What does secure server mean?
All transactions take place across a secure server integrated with SSL3 (Secure Socket Layer) technology and SHTTP (Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol), two protocols which allow for the encrypted exchange of information and which guarantee the privacy of communications via the internet, in order to guarantee the maximum security of our clients at Evolution Travel.

The most recent and advanced technologies allow communicating in such a way that they warn against intrusions, interference and forging, coding the information and ensuring that internet transactions remain private and protected.
The encrypted coding of the information ensures that internet transactions can be made under complete protection and security. In this way, our clients can enjoy the proposed services without having to worry about any kind of internet fraud.

  • Payment by BANK TRANSFER

If you have chosen payment via bank transfer you must make a transfer to the attention of:

Evolution Travel Ltd
IBAN: MT85PYMX09014000000927620100001
Circuit: SEPA
Bank: Finance Incorporated Ltd

Evolution Travel Ltd
IBAN: LT413110090453312110
Circuit: SEPA
Bank: UAB Maneuver LT