Namibia trip

P.A.W.S., in collaboration with AFRICAT (non-profit foundation), aims at protecting endangered large felines in Africa, especially cheetahs and leopards. Within a protection and reintroduction project started by AFRICAT, P.A.W.S. is working on the cleaning-up and “clearing-up”, if this term can be used, of an area that was once occupied by farms and now is once again an area destined to host wildlife

Once this work is completed, i.e. returning the area to its natural and original state, it will be used to start wildlife re-introduction projects, mainly for cheetahs.

In addition to all the usual African wildlife, the area will also host cheetahs and leopards, becoming a transit zone where the real survival abilities of these animals in the wild are going to be verified, together with their real chances of survival once they are reintroduced into the wild.
Great resources are needed to accomplish all this. Besides volunteers, there are young people, both Namibians and from other neighbouring countries who work there full time.

Evolution Travel with Roberto Armani, aiming at harmony between man and nature, is committed to supporting the annual cost of 3 local workers (salary, accommodation and food), who will be working full time in the area involved.

Thus, multiple results are achieved in perfect harmony:

• local people working and supporting themselves thanks to conservation projects.
• the work proceeds more quickly with a local compared to a volunteer.
• the area is cleaned-up, determining a benefit for the environment and the animals
• animals can be reintroduced and we are actually trying to save an endangered species, like the Cheetah.

During Namibia tours, Evolution Travel customer travellers can see first hand the project supported by their trip, if they like by, visiting the reserve, getting to know the people who work there and the headquarters of the P.A.W.S. organization.

Choose your Namibia trip and you too can contribute to this important initiative!

Thank you

Roberto Armani