Travel to the Dominican Republic

Evolution Travel with Luca Girardi, head of tourism from the Dominican Republic, have reserved a portion of their profit for each traveller who chose to travel to the Dominican Republic to participate in the Un po’ di Luce per Haiti project in the San Benedetto al Porto Community.

The aid program, which ended in 2013, involved the installation of two mini photovoltaic systems with LED lights and 3 micro-implants for educational purposes involving young people hosted at the headquarters of SOS Children’s Villages, located 10 kilometers from Port au Prince.

Angelo Ercole, an electrical engineer, participated in this project for 3 weeks.


  • understanding the various photovoltaic panels and their optimal use;

  • notions about the safety and advantages of the low-voltage systems (12 volts);

  • how to calculate the daily yield of an installation;

  • which batteries to use;

  • how to make a low voltage electrical system;

  • knowledge and use of LED lamps;

  • 3 hours practice for 3 days a week, in which you install the two mini systems.

Thanks to all the travelers who have made this project possible by choosing to travel with us at Travel to the Dominican Republic.

Luca Girardi Evolution Travel in collaboration with Press Tours